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Why Promise of Cure

Traveling to an alien country for medical help is a worrying prospect.  There are too many unknowns. One might ask, “Am I getting the right treatment by the right specialists at the right price?” Getting the right kind of information while sitting so far away is difficult.

 Most medical tourism services are run by people who have little to do with medicine. These are essentially individuals who claim to represent certain markets or groups and who in turn negotiate individually with either doctors or hospitals.  This leads to non-standardization in terms of response, pricing as well as quality of treatment.

Promise of Cure is the first-of-its-kind initiative to provide a one-on-one connect between the travelling patient and the treating doctor. Our hand-picked team of senior consultants are some of the best names in the country and they interact directly with the patients through our platform.  The patient gets holistic attention as our panel of specialists are connected to each other and together take part in discussions regarding the patient’s case.

Our focal point is the interaction between the patient and the doctor and we have crafted all our services around it.  We therefore offer a complete gamut of services ranging from fixing doctor appointments, making travel arrangements, local travel support, local accommodation and assistance with language interpreters, foreign exchange services to local sightseeing tours.

Our Advantage

Doctor-Patient Centric


Home-to-Home Care



Real people, Real Stories
Connect Centric

Mr. Abdulah from Oman wanted to travel to India for a spine surgery. He had many questions regarding the medical treatment, travelling with his medical condition, pre and post-surgical services and most importantly, about the doctors who would treat him. We organized a direct video conference with our Specialist and all his questions were answered with satisfaction. The rest is history as he is now completely cured and is also in the process of getting his family members treated with us.

Getting the Right
Value for Money

Ms. Pauline from Kenya asked for a quote for the treatment of her mother. Promise of Cure approached both the hospital and the doctor and got 2 different quotes. The hospital was charging 3 times more than the doctor. We got the quote corrected, signed up for only the absolutely required medical care needed for Pauline’s mother and hence, saved 2/3rd of what Pauline would have otherwise spent.


Mr. Albattashi from Oman contacted a doctor in India and was recommended to undergo angioplasty. He came with a grant from his company which would sponsor his Angioplasty. Promise of Cure took him to a specialist for a second opinion who told him that he doesn’t need angioplasty and advised him the cure without involving any surgery. Now he is healthy and happy.


Jemimah came to India for 8 months for her mother’s treatment and had a nightmarish experience.  She didn’t know her way around the city so she took up an accommodation far away from the hospital. She was also unaware of quality medical doctors and relied on people's recommendations. As a result, she ended up spending huge amounts of money without any results to show for it.  When it was time for her to return for a follow-up, she contacted Promise of Cure.  We helped her with all her requirements and resultantly, not only did she save a considerable amount of money, she also felt more relieved and at ease.

Home 2 Home

Lyndah from Kenya was travelling to India for treatment. We organized everything for her – right from helping her with hospital paperwork to taking care of other needs during her treatment and post discharge period. We made Lyndah feel comfortable and cared for – nothing short of home. Lyndah went back happy and satisfied and she has already sent three of her relatives to us for treatment.

Meet the Team
Jai Mittal
Jai Mittal

Jai Mittal has an experience of seven years in the hospitality sector. An alumnus of Les Roches International School in Switzerland, an ex-Marriott employee and now, an entrepreneur, he has worked in various countries worldwide and his standards of hospitality and operations truly conform to international standards. He has been instrumental in giving Promise of Cure its patient-centric approach.

Anoop Mittal
Anoop Mittal
Director-Finance and Legal

Anoop Kumar Mittal, a lawyer/ entrepreneur, safeguards Promise of Cure’s financial and legal interests. His vast experience and exposure of over 40 years in financial and legal matters enables him to seamlessly integrate the legal and financial aspects of the business which in turn leads to better costing and simplified legalities for our patients and their families.

Jai Mittal
Anoop Mittal
Panel of DoctorsMedical Heads

Promise of Cure is the first initiative of its kind started by elite doctors in India. Each and every doctor participating in the initiative has a plethora of experience and adheres to strict ethical codes when it comes to the quality of medical treatment delivered. All of them are placed in the most renowned hospitals across India and most of them can be found heading the department of their specialization.

Our Advisors
Dr. Harshavardhan

Dr. Harshavardhan K. Hegde (Medical Advisor)

He is currently the Executive Director of Orthopaedics and Spine of VPS Rockland Hospital, New Delhi. Dr. Hegde has worked with some of India’s most renowned hospital chains and research institutes such as Fortis Hospitals (Delhi and Noida), Apollo Hospitals (Ahmedabad), Max Healthcare (Delhi), Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science & Research (Delhi), Artemis (Gurgaon), and Bhailal Amin General Hospital (Baroda). He has also been the Professor and Head of Orthopaedics at the Pramukh Swami Medical College in Gujarat.

His experience in the medical field has proven to be of vital importance to the company as he has been instrumental in developing its infrastructure.

Manoj Kohli

Manoj Kohli (Business Advisor)

Manoj Kohli is the Executive Chairman of the Soft Bank Cleantech. Manoj's key contribution has been building Airtel as the No. 3 telecom company in the world with over 350M customers. He was the Managing Director and CEO (International), Bharti Airtel, as he headed the International Business Group which leads the international strategy vision for 20 countries and was also responsible for leading the Africa operations which the company started in 2010. His experience of operations and strategy across the world in over 20 countries plays an important role in the growth of Promise of Cure’s reach in acquiring international business.

Vidur Singal

Vidur Singal (Logistics & Hospitality Advisor)

Vidur plays an important role to help ensure that the best travel deals and lodging options are available to our patients. He advises on the ground handling and logistics of Promise of Cure and is part of the quality check and zero defect management. Vidur’s experience in the travel industry as well as stints at Ernst & Young India have given him vital skills that are important for Promise of Cure. His travel company has been in the industry for over 50 years, with diverse interests ranging from hospitality to incoming international tours agency.