General Info
What does POC do?

Promise of Cure is a medical concierge service to help you get the right treatment in India through our affordable, trusted and quality doctors and hospitals. Based on your specific medical condition, we help you identify the right doctor and hospital, organize your full medical plan, arrange all your travel needs and walk you through the full process with an assigned care manager for you. We are like your family that cares for you in India.

Which medical problems can Promise of Cure help me with?

POC caters to all kinds of medical specialties including but not limited to Oncology (treatment of cancer), Orthopedics (treatment of musculoskeletal system), cardiology, fertility, Neurology and spine, cosmetic and weight loss treatments.

Why should I book through POC and not directly with the hospital?

Promise of Cure has identified some of the most experienced and ethical doctors in India. We don’t work with one hospital; we work with specialist doctors across various hospitals. This ensures we bring the best to you from every specialty.

We not only organise your medical appointments, but make sure your costs are controlled accordingly. We are a one stop solution for medical travellers and their attendants to have a safe, comfortable and desirable treatment at affordable rates.

Do I have to pay anything to POC?

You do not have to pay POC for its services. Our service is free for the patients.

What does POC’s service include?/ How can POC help me?

POC’s services include the following:

  • Doctor appointments
  • Diagnostic services
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
    • Physiotherapy
    • Wellness programs
    • Counselling sessions
    • Functional manual therapy
    • Occupational therapy
    • Pain Management
    • Spa
    • Yoga
    • Acupuncture
  • Travel (Accommodation, local travel, airport pickup and drop, vacation packages)
  • Concierge (Translators, local SIM cards, Specific food requests, Beauty treatment/ Spa services, Grooming services, Local Information)
  • Live Online Second Opinion
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What if I want to get a second opinion from a senior experienced doctor without travelling to India?

If you are booking through us, you don’t need to travel all the way to India for consultation. You can speak to a specialist through video calls or can simply call him up, as per your preference. All you need is a good internet/ cell phone connection and you can directly consult our doctors. Just send the reports to us, complete the payment process and we will set up an appointment for you.

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How do I trust the Indian doctors?

Indian doctors are known for their prowess in the medical field. There are many prominent Indian doctors who have practiced in the US and UK. All of Promise of Cure’s doctors are leaders in their fields and constitute a batch of the senior most doctors in India. They have all been trained and educated from the best of national and international schools and have their experience to speak for their expertise.

Which accreditation standards are followed in India?

India currently accepts two globally recognized healthcare quality standards accredited by ISQua (International Society for Quality in Healthcare) - the JCI (Joint Commission International) and the NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers). We are pleased to inform that there are more than 30 JCI and around 425 NABH accredited hospitals in India ensuring quality treatment for you.

How much time will I have to wait for admission to the hospital and the surgery procedure?

We organize your medical plan before you come. You will not have to wait for your hospital admission and surgery. Based on the medical plan made specifically for you, we will make sure that you have a comfortable journey and treatment. Our only motto is to be of service to you no matter what difficulties come up.

When making a trip to India for a medical treatment, what are the essential documents I need to carry along?
  • Medical History/ Records/ Test reports/ Doctor referral notes/ X-rays
  • Contact details – Residence/ Driver’s license/ Passport copies
  • Passport size photos – keep 10-15 in hand for various purposes
  • Bank statement/ Details of Health insurance, if any.
Should I take vaccinations before coming to India?

Vaccination and immunizations are extremely necessary when you are travelling to a foreign country. Please ask the doctor at your home country or a Government advisory body or your hospital at India about the same before travelling. You can also follow our current list of vaccinations as provided below:

  • Diptheria Pertussis and Tetanus (DPT)
  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)
  • Polio (Oral Polio Vaccine or Injectable Polio Vaccine)
  • Haemophilus b conjugate vaccine (Hib)
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B (when stay goes beyond 60 days)
  • Typhoid
  • Japanese B encephalitis (JBE)
How will my treatment cost in India vary as compared to UK, US, SA, Thailand?

As per research, it has been seen that medical costs incurred in India can be as much as 1/3rd to 1/10th cheaper than other countries like Thailand, USA, Thailand, South Africa etc. On top of that, we help you plan everything in advance which further helps in saving your treatment costs.

What is the procedure for booking a treatment with Promise Of Cure?

Just send us all your medical reports along with other related documents mentioning when you would be free to avail our services. We would be making an entire itinerary for you based on that and notify you of the same.

Would the Hospital undertake bookings for my family/attendant’s accommodation?

It depends on which room you have chosen at the hospital for your treatment. If there is space to accommodate your relatives, the hospital will do so. On our part, we will ensure that their stay is as comfortable and hassle-free as possible.

Can I obtain an estimate of the cost of treatment?

Yes. Provided we have all your medical reports and have assessed your medical needs with the doctors over here, we can give you an estimated cost. The actual cost may or may not vary, depending on the type of medical problem you have.

Do the hospitals in India accept health insurance?

If you already have a health insurance that is valid internationally/ in India, please alert Promise of Cure or the hospital you will be getting treated at in India about it. If the insurance provider is approved here, hospitals might request you for an advance payment guarantee which you will then have co-ordinate from your home country.

What are the inclusions / exclusions in the cost?

Usual inclusions are:

  • Stay and beds
  • Diet – for patient and attendant
  • Surgeon and anesthetist’s fee
  • Nursing
  • Doctor’s/ specialist’s consultation and fee
  • Fee for surgery, theatre room
  • Consumables used for surgery (sutures, tubes etc.)

In actuality, it varies with each patient and you will get an idea when we send you the approximate costing.

Will POC assist in airport transfers?

We ensure that we are with the patient/ relatives the entire time that someone is getting treated here. We organize Airport pick and drop and will inform you about the details of the car and chauffeur as soon as you land. Remember, you always have a trusted team at hand to guide you through the entire journey.

Medical Visa and documents
Will assistance be provided by POC in obtaining Medical Visa?

Promise of Cure would provide the required assistance in obtaining Medical Visa. Once you confirm India as your medical travel destination, an invitation letter from the hospital would be sent to you for visa processing. It will only be done after the hospital has had a discussion with you regarding the same. This has to be presented at the ‘Embassy’ or ‘High Commission of India’ in your country.

Is it possible for any family member/ attendant travelling with me for my treatment to obtain a Medical Visa?

The attendants or family members of the patients coming to India for medical treatment will also have to apply for a visa known as the MEDX along with the Medical visa of the patient. You would need a letter from the hospital in this case as well.

Who are the permitted attendants and how many can travel?

Attendants can only be blood relations of the patient, for example, a spouse/ children or any other such close relative.

What are the requirements for obtaining my medical visa?
  • Passport with 6 months validity
  • Passport size photographs
  • Photo copy of passport
  • Copy of form filled online
  • Proof of Residential Address
  • Recommendation from the home country doctor to visit particular specialized medical center for treatment
  • Passport copy of the attendant
  • Proof of relationship with the attendant
  • Medical reports
How long is a medical visa valid for?

The initial duration of the visa is one year or as long as the treatment is going on, whichever is less. It will be valid for a maximum of three entries in a year. For clarification, please check with the Indian Consulate before starting the Visa process.

If the necessity of a repeat visit arises, how many are allowed?

A maximum of 3 entries are allowed in a year. Please check with the Indian consulate for the latest information.

What would be the approximate fee for a Medical Visa?

The fee for Medical visa varies according to countries. It ranges from $13 to $153. Please check the latest information with the Indian consulate.

Are there any formalities related to Medical Visa that I have to complete after my arrival in India?

Promise of Cure will help you with such formalities. You would have to register at the Foreigner Regional Registration Office within 14 days of your arrival. Attendants also have to get themselves registered with the local FRROs/ FROs within 14 days of entering India.

If my treatment is being prolonged, would I be provided assistance with extension of my visa?

Medical and Medical Attendant visas are extendable by FRRO (Foreigner Regional Registration Office) in India depending upon the condition of the patient on the production of the required medical documents.

During Visit/ Treatment:
How will my appointments with the doctor be scheduled?

Your appointments with the doctors will be scheduled before you arrive in India and you will be notified of the same.

Would there be pharmacies/ medical stores available in the Hospitals?

Usually yes. If not, we shall help locate a pharmacy near you.

What are the communication services/ facilities provided by the hospital?
  • International calling services/ Local sim cards
  • Newspaper – Local/ International
  • Internet facility – Wi-Fi
  • Room telephone
Would I be assisted with an interpreter during my stay?

English is widely spoken across most parts of India. But in case you need a translator for a different language altogether, then the same can be arranged for, on request. Some hospitals also have in-house interpreters who work full-time with them. The need for a translator should be communicated to Promise of Cure before your arrival.

Will arrangements be made to fulfil my religious obligations?

Hospitals are generally equipped with prayer halls/ quiet rooms which can cater to all religions/ faiths. India being a secular country is open to all religions so that won’t be a problem here. Also, in case of any confusion, just ask anyone from the hospital to guide you to the nearest prayer room.

Would international cuisines be available?

International cuisines are mostly available in all major hospitals and outside. While some menus are standard, others can be arranged for based on request. But the doctor is the best person to advise you on your diet and will remain the sole authority on it.

What are the other facilities provided by POC?

Other than these, POC is a certified IATA travel agency and we can arrange for your travel, post treatment. We also arrange for Local Transport, Airport Pickup and Drop, Wellness Packages, Forex etc. You can avail of our Live Online Second Opinion feature as well where we give you an option of being on a live video or phone call with the doctor to discuss your ailment and get a second opinion before travelling to the country.

Post treatment
Can I travel immediately after treatment?

It will solely depend on the period of recuperation suggested by the doctor. We can arrange for your return once you have completed the same.

What are the acceptable modes of payment?

All major modes of payment are accepted in India – Cash/ International Master or Visa Credit Card, Traveller’s Cheques etc.

What are the procedures involved in the process of discharge?

You will be guided by the hospital official in this process while supported by Promise Of Cure. Financial aspects would be taken care of once the Discharge Summary is handed to you. Subsequently you will be given instructions on medication and recommendations for scheduling of follow-up requirements, if any.

How will my offshore check-up be scheduled with the doctor after treatment?

You can keep in touch with the respective Doctor via email/phone through us. We also have the option of video-conferencing with patients offshore.

How will my post treatment rehabilitation be organized?

We will organise post treatment Rehabilitation for you in India. You may have to get treatment organized in your home country, depending on the medical case.

General Queries
How will I locate a hotel near the hospital within my budget?

We shall be identifying hotels within your budget keeping other specifications in mind and you can book the same through us. We are a certified IATA travel agency.

Who can organise my airport pick up?

We provide airport pick up and drop services.

How will I organise internal transportation within the city?

We can organise it as per your needs. Other than that, cab services like UBER and OLA are also available.

What If I want to go for a wellness retreat or a holiday post my treatment?

We can help you arrange your travel as per your needs.

What can the attendants do while the patient is in the hospital?

You always have an option of staying with your relatives while they are getting treated. But there are times when you might want to go out and explore. We will help organise your shopping trips, restaurant visits and book packages for local sightseeing which you can avail of after your family is recovered and ready to travel. We are there to help you organise your travel in the best way possible.