Why India

India offers many compelling reasons for being considered as a viable destination for medical tourism.
Some of these are listed below:

Our Doctors and Healthcare Infrastructure

Indian healthcare professionals and doctors are known in the world for their skills and experience. This can be proved by the number of doctors trained in India who are working in the world’s best hospitals across US, UK, Europe and Australia. Many of our healthcare professionals have been trained overseas and have relocated to India after working there, thus ensuring medical treatment which is at par with international standards. Given the size of our population, doctors in India have a great deal of clinical experience which they will use to your benefit. 

India, also has a robust infrastructure of medical support services like Diagnostics, Rehabilitation services, Therapeutics and Nutrition Experts. We offer the latest technologies for scanning and radiation.

Quality of Hospitals

There are currently, two globally recognised healthcare quality standards accredited by ISQua, - JCI (Joint Commission International) and NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) and there are more than 30 JCI-accredited and around 425 NABH-accredited hospitals in India. Also, the Indian Government is known to regulate the expenses of medical treatment Here, thus, putting a cap on surging prices in healthcare. Promise of Cure works with the best hospitals in the country. You would find excellent hygiene in the private hospitals; surgical patients are all screened for HIV and Hbs Ag antibodies to prevent transmission of communicable diseases and the occurrence of MRSA is minimal.

Cost of Travel and Stay
Cost of Travel and Stay

The cost of travel and stay in India is significantly lower than other known medical tourism destinations like Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea etc. Accommodation and transport are extremely reasonable, meaning one does not need to incur high expenditures while saving on treatment. India offers all kinds of accommodation – from simple guest houses to B&B and from small boutique hotels to Luxury 5-/7-star hotel chains. While public transport is sometimes challenging to navigate, there are plenty of private vehicles like Autos (Tuk-Tuks) and taxis. Most Indian cities are serviced by UBER and other local offerings like OLA cabs.

The People, Language and Hospitality
The People, Language and Hospitality

India is a secular, democratic republic meaning that the political condition here is stable and relatively more peaceful. A large number of Indians speak English besides Hindi which is the most widely spoken language. It is easy to get directions and help from general public by communicating in English. India, as a country, is known for its warm people and great hospitality. People in India are extremely receptive to foreigners and follow the motto of ‘Atithi Devo Bhavo’ meaning ‘the guest is equivalent to God.’ Rest assured, there would be no nasty surprises with regard to the hospitality in India. India caters to a large, mixed crowd – which means the cuisine in the country is varied. It is easy to get food, according  to your taste and budget in most large cities.

Accessibility & Internal Travel
Accessibility & Internal Travel

All the major cities of India are connected to other countries via the world’s leading airlines, Thus, making it easy for people to travel in and out of the country whenever needed. The Government of India does not have very stringent Visa norms and to make matters easier, it has implemented a new e-Visa policy. e-Visa is valid for 30 days during which you can travel to India for medical, sightseeing or touring purposes. But if you need to stay for a longer period of time for your medical treatment, then get a Medical Visa. Please check the local travel rules before embarking on your journey though. Promise of Cure is happy to help with all the queries and visa formalities. It is also very easy to travel within the country through both air as well as land transport.


For more information on medical visas and how to procure one – Click Here

Tourism opportunities post treatment
Tourism Opportunities Post Treatment

India is one of most visited country. It has a rich cultural history and ancient monuments. It has a rich tradition of exquisite arts and crafts. India has rich natural heritage with the world’s tallest mountains, Himalayas in the north and a long coastal line from the east of the country to west traversing, the entire southern part. It has desert and forests, lakes and valleys. Travel and Tourism Opportunities in India after treatment are great as India is the seat of an ancient civilization and as such, has relics strewn all over the country. Thus, when you are coming over for treatment, take some time out for touring the country as well, to check out the World Heritage Sites and diverse topography of this sub-continent. 

Being an ancient country, India is home to a number of alternative treatment procedures like Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga etc. which might be offbeat but are known to produce great results in the case of specific diseases. Thus people who come here to check out ancient methods of healing for ailments like Arthritis, Cancer, Psoriasis are sometimes met with results that exceed expectations.